APCT, Inc. acquires Tagarno digital microscope

APCT, Inc., a fabricator of printed circuit
boards [PCBs] has purchased a high resolution digital microscope as
announced by Tagarno’s regional representative, Zero Defects
international. This sale is one of the first in the bare-board PCB
industry but is in keeping with APCT’s practice of utilizing new methods
and equipment in advance of more widespread acceptance.

The specific application involves engineering and analysis of PCBs prior
to shipment to customers., including measurements of fine lines and
features down to 1 mil. In addition to ergonomic and operational
benefits, a key feature is the capability to send and share digital
images via the internet.

APCT, headquartered in Silicon Valley, also has a facility in
Wallingford, Connecticut. Both facilities produce complex, high
reliability printed circuit boards to customers throughout North America
and strategic locations in Asia.

Zero Defects International, also located in Silicon Valley, represents a
wide range of high-end PCB and PC assembly test and inspection equipment.


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