Aqueous Technologies releases “The Reasons for Cleaning: A Handy Guide for Cleaning Circuit Assemblies”

Aqueous Reasons for Cleaning BookAqueous Technologies, a manufacturer of fully automated cleaning / defluxing machines and cleanliness testing equipment, is pleased to announce that its CEO Michael Konrad has released a new cleaning book entitled, “The Reasons for Cleaning: A Handy Guide for Cleaning Circuit Assemblies.” The book features a selection of short articles about:

  • Why we clean
  • How we clean
  • How clean is clean

This is Aqueous Technologies’ second book, following the successful “Cleaning and Contamination – Equipment and Environment” released earlier this year. “The Reasons for Cleaning” is available for instant digital download or printed versions at

Michael Konrad is an SMT Advisory Board member and President of Aqueous Technologies. Konrad was a member of IPC’s Stencil Cleaning Task Group, contributing to the IPC-7526 Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook and IPC 5-31Cleaning Handbook.


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