ASM Engineered products lend process capability for high-yield, fine-pitch printing

A & A Electronics Assembly Selects ASM VectorGuard™ High Tension Stencil System and UFP Eco Rolls to Support Challenging Printing Applications

Long-time ASM Assembly Systems customer, A & A Electronics Assembly, Inc., recently expanded its use of ASM Engineered Products to support high-volume printing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with miniaturized 0201 devices. The Arizona-based EMS firm added the ASM VectorGuard™ High Tension system to its stencil portfolio, along with ASM UFP Eco Roll understencil cleaning fabric, as shrinking component dimensions for demanding applications dictated advanced printing inputs.

“After using the ASM (DEK) VectorGuard standard tension system for many years and with great results, we began processing PCBs with significantly smaller devices and, therefore, more challenging aperture designs,” explains Carter Howard, Process Engineer at A & A Electronics Assembly. “After discussing the situation with the ASM representative, it was recommended that we try the VectorGuard High Tension frame. We can use the frame with our existing VectorGuard foils and have already seen significant improvement in micro-aperture registration and a reduction in corner peeking. Our printing results on the smaller apertures have been excellent.”

ASM VectorGuard High Tension is an interchangeable stencil foil system that allows use of a single frame with multiple foils. Superb for high changeover operations, award-winning VectorGuard stencils reduce storage requirements by as much as 75% and, as compared to conventional mesh-mounted stencils which may sag and lose tension after repeated use, maintain consistent tension over the life of the stencil for superb printing results.

“The stencil system we used prior to VectorGuard had sharp edges and the foils warped easily,” says Howard. “VectorGuard and VectorGuard High Tension eliminate the warping issue, provide fast changeover, offer a safer system for our operators and last a lot longer than other stencils.”

In addition to its use of ASM VectorGuard stencils, A & A Electronics also recently switched to ASM UFP Eco Rolls as its exclusive understencil cleaning fabric. “We were using a different cleaning paper for a while, but noticed that there was a lot of lint inside the printer and on the PCBs. With smaller printing dimensions, lint can lead to defects,” notes Howard. “Once we integrated the ASM UFP Eco Rolls, the problem was resolved. This fabric is now all we use on both the DEK and alternative brand printers across our five SMT lines.”

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