ASSCON’s new vapor phase soldering representative in Austria — Vienna-based Stepan GmbH now provides support and sales

ASSCON Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of vapor phase soldering equipment, has found a new partner for its business in Austria: Stepan GmbH. From now on, Stepan will provide sales, service, and support for the ASSCON portfolio of soldering solutions from its HQ in Vienna. The main contact for Austrian customers is Mr. Stefan Kessler, one of Stepan’s general managers and a long-time, experienced SMT expert.

“I’m sure that in Stepan we have found a strong business partner in order to localize and develop new market opportunities in Austria and to deliver competent support even quicker to our local customers,” Axel Wolff, ASSCON’s Head of Sales explains. “A deciding factor for our partnering with Stepan GmbH is their profound knowledge of the industry we are in, as well as the rich expertise their support and service staff has,” he goes on. “And we should not forget that the closely linked international business facilities in Eastern Europe are being operated in many cases as an extended work bench for companies with their HQs in Austria. These international business activities are for Mr. Kessler and his team in the back office, in service, and in support, a long-time, successfully executed day-to-day operation, delivering comprehensive and highly competent assistance and backing to our valuable Austrian customer.”

Founded in 1968 by Walter Stepan and his partner, Mrs. Elisabeth Stepan, the enterprise has become an expert system supplier of a multitude of equipment, materials, and services in the business fields of PCB manufacture, electronics, print technologies, automation and much more. For several years now Klaus Stepan, Stefan Kessler, and Andreas Höfner have been at the management of this well-respected company with facilities running in Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia. It can be expected that ASSCON will benefit remarkably from Stepan’s extensive market knowledge in its Austrian territory. The representative offers the complete ASSCON portfolio of vapor phase soldering systems, provides support and service, and is a trustworthy partner for technical advice on the optimum configuration of the equipment.

Stepan executive Stefan Kessler comments on this encouraging agreement with satisfaction: “With our well-trained and experienced sales and support team we assist our clients with the decision for the best-fitting configuration. We can provide our customers with all-in-one solutions for maximum production success, and for this purpose we cooperate with market leaders and competent machine suppliers. Just as important as the good quality delivery of the systems is the after-sales backing of the clients by our service and support staff. And of course we also give free-of-charge telephone support for rapid clarification of queries”.


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