Assembleon I-Flex Pick and Place

Is anyone looking for a pick and place machine or to upgrade their current line?

We have the following system we are looking to sell:

Assembleon IFlex – (3) Modules / Vintage 2012 / SW Level 7.044

Modules 1& 2 are T2 Modules,each T2 Module contains:

  1. T2 Module- Dual Lane
  2. Flex Pak NPi Editors and Step Mode
  3. (2) T-Heads on each module
  4. T-Nozzle Station
  5. Iflex camera FOV45
  6. Transformer

7. (2) Feeder trolley 34 Position (on each module)

Module#3 is H1 Module and contains:

  1. IFlex H1 Module-Dual Lane
  2. Flex Pak NPi Editors and Step Mode
  3. Buffering
  4. H-Head
  5. H-Nozzle Station
  6. (2) IFlex Camera FOV45
  7. Transformer
  8. Tray trolley 30

9. Feeder Trolley 34 Position

Important to note: Our customer had the systems upgraded from the Iflex Dual Lane standard to the Dual Lane XL Option.  The below sizes are directly from the OEM and at the time of the upgrade.

IFlex Dual-Lne with XL Option (LxW)

Min board size: 50 x 50 mm per lane

Max board size 845 x 254 mm per lane

Max board size 845 x 460 mm in single lane mode

The additional items included in this package:

Set Up assistant

(1)   Loading unit

(2)   (2) 1D Scanner – per side of line

(1)   1D barcode scanner

Extra Trolleys:

(10) Feeder Trolley 34 Position

(1) A-Series feeder trolley (for H1 Module Tray position)


(50) Twin Tape Feeder, TTF, 8mm

(100) ITF3 8mm

(45) ITF3 12mm

(20) ITF3 16mm

(10) ITF3 24mm

(2) ITF3 32mm

(2) ITF3 44mm

(2) ITF2/TTF Tape loading unit(s)

(6) Vibratory Stick feeders with Topplates & ITF interface

Handling gear:

(2)   Single Magazine Line Loader(s)

(2)Destacker/Bare Boarder loader(s)

(1) Traverser (Dual – Lane) front conveyor fixed, up to 500mm pcb width in single lane mode, 250 max pcd width in dual lane mode. Rear conveyor is traverser.

(1) Dual lane Conveyor – 1 meter

(1) Dual lane Dual sided Workstation, 1.5 M. Scalloped table tops, light tower and shelf

(1) Dual Lane Dual magazine Line Unloader with Traverser – dual lane, single magazine

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to ask.



Sourcing Manager at Lewis And Clark


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