Austin American Technology introduces new semi-aqueous batch cleaner

Mega-SA-New_300dpi_400x400Austin American Technology CorporatION has added the new Mega ION SA TM, semi-aqueous batch cleaner to it’s family of “Earth Smart” technology cleaners. This new cleaner is designed to use “semi-aqueous” organic solvents requiring a water rinse. Semi-aqueous cleaning is a two step cleaning process where the flux and other organic residues are removed with a high boiling, low vapor pressure oil which is usually derived from a petroleum or natural oils of citrus, pine or soy. In the second step, the oil is rinsed off with purified water and then dried automatically in a sealed cleaning chamber. The Mega ION SA’s compact design provides an efficient 30” x 36” foot print capable of low to medium volume de-fluxing and cleaning of components, circuits and completed assemblies.

Semi-aqueous cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning rosin and resin based fluxes. It is equally as effective in removing polar salts such as those found in flux activators and IONs picked up in manufacturing and human handling. The combination of organic solvent and pure water rinses with programmable “pass/fail” limit assure that both polar and non-polar soils are removed from assemblies cleaned in the Mega ION SA TM.   Semi-aqueous cleaning fluids are particularly effective in removing residues with both heavy deposits and/or baked residues from electronic modules requiring long or high thermal processing profiles. It is the preferred method of removing flux residue from high melt point (HMP) solders because of the match in Hansen solubility parameters with HPM residues.

Standard features of the Austin American Technology Mega ION SA TM include; 316 stainless steel plumbing and tanks, pneumatic pumps and solenoids, integrated cleanliness verification with “pass/fail”, fully programmable wash time, rinse time, purity and dry time on convenient and user friendly touch screen. Other features include password protected maintenance and process set-up screens, sealed process with no operator chemical exposure, built-in vent hood and exhaust, onboard transfer pump to sewer/treatment, 220v 10A power. Mega ION SA TM options include; a closed loop DI system to regenerate the rinse water, heater for the solvent holding tank, and independently certified fire suppression system if required. Custom process tanks are available.

The Mega ION SA TM replaces the AAT models; ECD 6307 terpene and Emulsonator TM Series batch cleaners previously supplied by Austin American Technology. The new Mega ION SA uses “spray under immersion” closed loop recirculation to gently, but effectively remove even the most baked on residues from sensitive areas without damaging sensitive electronics. Spray shadowing due to racking is virtually eliminated. The semi-aqueous cleaning agent is reused and can be monitored and controlled with an exclusive automated solvent density controller which indicates when to change the terpene or other semi-aqueous cleaning agent.

The Mega ION SA TM, was designed for compatibility with semi-aqueous organic cleaning agents such as terpenes (D-limomene) Hydrocarbons like Petroferm (Axarel TM) and Kyzen Micronox TM


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