Automatic electronic parts warehouse supplier, Tower-Factory GmbH (Germany) is now a subsidiary of Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Strengthening support for smart factory

As of March 29, 2017, Tower-Factory GmbH was acquired as a full subsidiary of Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Amidst the growing demands for factory automation, smarter operation, and improvements to part supply logistics in particular, we are strengthening automatic warehousing to increase its market appeal, and to deliver even more support for smart factories.


Tower-Factory was founded in 2013 as a venture company in Germany, where high-mix, low volume production of varying product types and volumes is the norm. Tower-Factory has shown promising results and it is at this time that Fuji has acquired Tower-Factory as a full subsidiary to provide full technological and overall support for the purpose of improving quality. In regard to new product development, it is our goal to work to the needs of the marketplace while strengthening the compatibility with Fuji products to be able to propose the best solutions in view of the shift toward smart factories.

Product features

1. An automatic parts warehouse which supplies the necessary electronic components when required, which leads to a reduction in the amount of time production is stopped.
2. Automatically manages part inventories by linking to electronic component mounting robots.
3. Automatically manages the shelf life of electronic components which require humidity management using a dry component function.


As Tower-Factory has become a Fuji subsidiary, product sales are to be expanded from mainly being sold locally in Germany to being sold in the Japanese market, with expansion also planned for global sales.
Fuji will continue to further product development by utilizing the automation technology and IT skills cultivated for our industrial robots for new product value.

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