Boot Camps A and B: The One-Two Punch of Electronics Manufacturing Training from ACI Technologies

Yes, each course can be taken separately and can hold its own in the ring. However, there’s no denying that taken back-to-back, it’s a powerful one-two punch of electronics manufacturing training. Everyone wins with improved knowledge, skills and productivity.

Electronics Manufacturing Processes (Boot Camp A): Jan. 22-26
Advanced Electronics Manufacturing (Boot Camp B): Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

Electronics Manufacturing Processes (Boot Camp A) is a comprehensive course which presents the necessary material critical to understanding modern circuit board assembly. It is designed to familiarize students with the various processes, equipment, and materials used in the industry today. State of the art classrooms and ACI’s on-site 10,000 square foot factory acquaint students with a real production environment. With a 50-50 split between in-class lecture and hands-on equipment labs, it is an exceptionally well-balanced overall experience.

Advanced Electronics Manufacturing (Boot Camp B) is designed to provide electronics manufacturing personnel with more intense training in aspects of the electronics manufacturing process control that go beyond the basic assembly process. These attendees go the distance with greater in-depth training and a concentration on selected critical topics like BGA rework, design for manufacturing, six sigma techniques, lead-free process control, and failure analysis.

Another benefit to Back-to-Back Boot Camps is a cost savings!

Check out the complete 2018 schedule for all your training needs.

2018 Training Schedules

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