Bosch Automotive selects SPEA as worldwide exclusive electronic board ICT tester and handler supplier till 2022

SPEA announces that the company has been selected by Bosch Automotive Group as worldwide exclusive electronic board ICT tester and handler supplier for the next six years.

SPEA’s President and CEO, Luciano Bonaria, said: “The role of electronics in automobiles is continuously growing. The car of the near future is expected to be equipped with much more electronic components than today, and even more advanced. For this reason, worldwide

leaders in automotive electronics, such as Bosch, require the highest test quality, so to reach the zero-defect-rate requested by car manufacturers. SPEA, always a leader in identifying electronic board defects and weak components that will cause early failures in field, has been chosen by Bosch Automotive Group to guarantee the quality of all their electronic products, from the simple boards to the most advanced ECUs.

High quality at the lowest cost of test is the reason of SPEA’s success in testing since 1976. The reliability and robustness, the ease of programming, the test speed and the multi-core parallel architecture of SPEA’s automatic test equipment delivers to customer a cost of test significantly lower that the competitors.

Bosch already selected SPEA as worldwide supplier in the previous 2007’s ICT Benchmark. This new partnership confirms tester on the market”.

The SPEA 3030 Bed-of-Nails tester platform has been selected by Bosch Automotive after an exhaustive benchmark, which considered:

  • Test accuracy
  • Defect detection capability
  • Test and handling speed
  • Cost of test
  • Tester and handler full integration
  • Mechanical precision for contacting small test pads
  • System flexibility, including the possibility to migrate production from inline to manual tester and vice versa, without changing fixture and test program
  • Software reliability and ease of use
  • Worldwide service and support

Two 3030 bed-of-nails tester models have been selected by Bosch. The 3030 Inline automatic tester has been chosen for the high volume production of the most advanced automotive electronic boards, with its 8-core architecture and 3 seconds handling time. The 3030 Compact manual loading tester has been selected for simpler PCBAs, where the requirement is a reduced investment.


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