BPM Microsystems Generates 62% Sales Growth in 2018


HOUSTON, TX–July 9, 2018— BPM Microsystems finished the first half of 2018 with 62% year-over-year sales growth for automated programming systems.  “After 33 years in business, we are still setting records across every aspect of our business,” said William White, President and CEO at BPM Microsystems. “Customers are responding positively to our best-in-class flexibility, reliability, capability, ease of use and support. It’s always a great feeling when you’re setting records. Our focus on trouble-free operation, customer productivity and total cost of ownership is really paying off.”

BPM kicked the year off with two prestigious awards. WhisperTeach™ won 2018 NPI award for production software. This feature improves accuracy, productivity and prevents cracking of fragile CSP devices.  BPM was also awarded the coveted Service Excellence Award for Highest Rating Customer Service in Device Programming Equipment.

BPM’s proven 4000 series handlers have more than proven their reliability with hundreds of installations worldwide with many systems still in 24×7 operation after more than 15 years. BPM’s proven 9th Gen programming sites deliver the fastest and most universal programming site technology on the market. BPM’s global service and support network serves the demanding requirements of mission-critical installations across six continents.

To learn more about BPM’s product, visit www.bpmmicro.com.

web: www.bpmmicro.com


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