Canon Marketing Japan announces that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with ClassOne Technology Inc.

Canon is Ready to Receive Purchase Orders for ECD Tool Solstice® which Brings Automation Solutions to ≤200mm Wafer Fabs

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (CEO: Masahiro Sakata) has signed an exclusive distribution agreement in Japan with ClassOne Technology Inc. (CEO: Byron Exarcos) and it will start receiving orders for ECD tool Solstice® in 2018.

ClassOne Technology Inc. is a leading supplier of wet process equipment for the 200mm and smaller semiconductor industry. The Solstice® platform delivers the highest quality plating of Au, Ni, and Cu at low cost, as well as variety of wet process functionality, such as metal lift off, resist strip, Au de-plating, UBM etch, and anodization.

Solstice® is available in 2-, 4-, and 8-chamber variants, and provides industry-leading uniformity and throughput with the smallest footprint, automation capability, controllability, and lowest cost of ownership. Solstice® is ideally suited to growing customers who need to move from ≤200mm wet bench processing to high-volume automated single-wafer production.

The agreement with ClassOne Technology will assist CMJ in expanding its business in the high-growth segment of high speed optical communication, 3D sensing including ToF, high frequency power devices, and related device markets. CMJ offers extensive experience in introducing the highest quality equipment from around the world and will provide world-class technical and field support for ClassOne products after system delivery.


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