Cell-aware Experiences in a High-Quality Automotive Test Suite

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All across the Mentor Automotive portfolio, a robust R&D operation underpins product development. And our experts routinely present at refereed conferences around the world.

An example is this 2014 paper from the IEEE European Test Symposium by Friedrich Hapke, director of engineering for Tessent Solutions, and several other colleagues, including from Infineon. It’s from the archives, yes, but good technical fare stands the test of time and the topic more important today than ever.

From the paper’s abstract:

This paper describes an approach to improve the overall defect coverage for CMOS-based high quality automotive designs. We present results from a cell-aware (CA) characterization flow for 216 cells, the pattern generation flow for a 130nm smart power design, and high-volume production test results achieved after testing multimillion parts. The idea behind CA tests is to detect cell-internal (CI) bridges, opens, leaking and high resistive transistor defects which are undetected with state-of-the-art tests.
We send more than a few mails on high-level industry trends but know there is an appetite for the deeper technical material, as well, and Friedrich is one of the best thinkers around on this topic. And it’s not just me saying that; he holds at least 20 patents and has been recognized by the IEEE for his work.

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