Circuitronics Expands Conformal Coating Capabilities

Circuitronics, a supplier of customized manufacturing services and solutions for the energy, industrial, communications and mil-aero markets, is pleased to announce a recent upgrade to its facility. The company has expanded its conformal coating production area to further support acrylic-based conformal coating solutions.

Circuitronics can now better serve its customers that require their products to be reliable in high humidity environments or have concerns about other environmental factors. The company uses an automated PVA machine for CNC coating application as well as a curing oven and UV curing.

Circuitronics also performs manual processes such as spray or dip and visual inspection using UV reactive coatings, so the blacklights installed in the production booth provide visual feedback for quality control.

Technology and markets continue to evolve and change, and Circuitronics continues to lead the way with fast, flexible solutions for the challenges its customers face. By supporting time-to-market demands with 1-10-day prototypes and delivering custom solutions that meet the quality and service requirements of some of the most demanding markets, Circuitronics is the advanced solution that you can count on.

Circuitronics is certified to ISO 9001:2008, IPC J-STD-001 and IPC A-610, as well as ITAR registered. For more information, visit


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