Conecsus LLC new brochure outlines major benefits of metals recycling for electronics manufacturers

Conecsus, LLC, an innovative environmental technology and recycling company, announces the availability of their compact, 14-page color brochure that clearly outlines the major benefits of recycling metals waste (solder, dross, consumables) for electronics manufacturers and PCB assemblers. Conecsus processes wastes containing primarily Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper, and converts them into usable metal products for sale into the global market; these true metals recycling solutions reward the recycling customer by paying cash for waste back to the customer.

Conecsus’ Tom Mitchell, North American Business Manager, notes that “We are the only recycler who can take our customers’ contaminated trash as a non-hazardous product stream instead of a hazardous waste stream. This is a tremendous benefit to our customers because they do not have to report this kind of waste to the EPA as a “Toxic Release/Transfer”. Conecsus offers the SMT/PCB electronics manufacturer a new way of dealing with metals-contaminated waste in an increasingly environmentally-conscious manufacturing world.” With patented, advanced recycling technologies, Mitchell adds, Conecsus keeps its customers compliant with local, state, and federal regulations while decreasing their carbon footprint and reportable waste streams. “Best of all, we pay our customers back for their metals waste, and we offer the fastest payment performance in the industry,” he adds.

The new brochure covers everything from individualized waste management programs to understanding environmental compliance and laboratory and analytical services. The new brochure is easy to obtain; read or download a digital copy at, or get a printed copy by simply visiting and requesting a print copy of the brochure in the Message box on the CONTACT page and provide your mailing address.


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