CVD acquires assets of MesoScribe Technologies, Inc

CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV), a provider of chemical vapor deposition systems and materials has, through its new wholly owned subsidiary CVD MesoScribe Technologies Corporation, purchased assets (including all IP), formerly owned by MesoScribe Technologies, Inc. Formed in 2002, by a group out of Stony Brook University, MesoScribe™ having corporate offices in St. James, NY and manufacturing in Huntington Beach, CA., established itself as a pioneer and leader in the direct deposition and writing of thermal sensors, heaters, and electronics devices used in high temperature and harsh environments.

MesoScribe™ specializes in the manufacturing of harsh environment sensor products and structurally integrated electronics based on its proprietary Direct Write Thermal Spray (DWTS) Technology. Direct Write devices are robust and reliable, and integrated process automation enables precision manufacturing and high throughput production for cost-effective implementation. MesoScribe’s focus is on developing innovative sensor prototypes and manufacturing Direct Write devices in production quantities for advanced sensing and communications.

Leonard Rosenbaum, President and CEO stated, “With this strategic acquisition, CVD gains access to an additional deposition technology, a presence in new markets and additional applications. The MesoScribe™ proprietary technology also complements our Tantaline CVD Tantalum deposition technology which we acquired in Q4 2016. The two technologies when combined provide a treatment and coating which provides both corrosion resistance and now wear resistance. This is part of our strategic plan to leverage our equipment know-how, business infrastructure and proven ability to scale up new technologies, all offering high value-added materials, products, and services. This is another step in our combined organic and acquisition growth initiative for 2017.”

Jeffrey Brogan, President and CEO at the former MesoScribe Technologies, Inc., now Director of Sales and Marketing at CVD Materials Corporation stated, “We are excited to move forward with the leadership of CVD to accelerate the commercialization of the MesoScribe™ MesoPlasma™ Direct Write Technology. Key synergies will result from this strategic acquisition, enhancing the portfolio of coating services and products to our customers as well as creating new business opportunities for CVD Materials Corporation.”


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