Cycling to Work: Peters Creates Additional Space

Operations Manager Dr. Thorsten Meyer himself uses the new space at Peters to park his bike.
Photo by Axel Küppers

There is now a new covered parking area for two-wheelers on the premises of Lackwerke Peters in Kempen. A metal construction company has built a shelter on a paved area especially for bicycles and e-bikes. This way, Peters not only supports the environmentally friendly mobility option among the 160-persons workforce at the Lower Rhine site, but also takes account of the need for safety.

“With e-bikes, there is always a residual risk that a lithium-ion battery can ignite due to design errors, technical defects or improper handling,” says Dr Thorsten Meyer, Operations Manager of the chemical company. That is why the storage area was deliberately built at a sufficient distance from the warehouse and laboratory stocks of the full-range supplier of coating materials for electronics. In terms of orientation, the metal roof protects the two-wheelers not only from rain, hail and wind, but also from strong sunlight and thus heat, which can support spontaneous combustion of the batteries.

Since more and more employees are switching to e-bikes, Peters now offers not only car drivers but also two-wheelers with electric drives an appropriate, spacious and protected area for their bicycles. “But mopeds, motorbikes and scooters can also be parked there,” says Dr Meyer, who himself cycles to work from Tönisvorst, eight kilometres away, as often as he can. Every day, between 15 and 20 two-wheeled vehicles of employees are parked there. The bike station can easily accommodate more than twice that number.

Soon, the company Rox will ensure that the bike parking area is illuminated with LED spotlights to provide safety during the upcoming dark season. The management team with Dr Meyer, his deputy Stefanie Barian and Ralf Georg is now making sure that the old barrel hall and the areas in front of the social building are no longer used as parking space for two-wheelers. “This will settle in, the added value will quickly be recognised,” says Ralf Georg who is responsible for the maintenance of the operating facilities at Peters.

“Cycling to work” has always been a high priority at Lackwerke Peters, emphasises Stefanie Barian. Since the beginnings, the company has supported the Germany-wide campaign of the same name launched by the German National Cyclists’ Association and the health insurance company AOK and aimed at encouraging people to leave their cars behind and get on their bikes in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. In times of climate change and resource-saving energy use, Peters as a bicycle- and e-bike-friendly employer is committed to this message more than ever. Cycling is part of workplace health promotion. “With this parking space, we have now created another low-threshold offer to motivate employees to cycle,” says Managing Director Ralf Schwartz. After all, cycling not only stands for climate protection, health, exercise and fitness, but also for fun and quality of life.


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