DIVaero Achieves AS9100D Certification

Quality-driven DIVaero attains another certification

DIVSYS Aerospace & Engineering (DIVaero), specializing in design / development / redesign of electronic modules and assemblies, and experts in the manufacture of electronic assembly and

PCB/PCBA laboratory have achieved AS9100D certification. AS9100 is a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) titled “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations.”

“Now that we have AS9100D ingrained into our daily routine, we are well positioned to incorporate our growth plan for 2022.” Stated Tammie Fish, Managing Director for DIVaero. Calculated Growth

DIVaero already has ISO 9001:2015, so with the addition of AS9100D and a recent increase in facility square footage, another milestone in the planned growth strategy for Aerospace and Military customers has been accomplished. A well-trained team backed by a strong quality management system and room to grow was the calculated outline of owner, Stanley Bentley, P.E.

” A strong quality management system that is backed up by design and engineering professionals is a huge differentiator in a fairly crowded field of suppliers.” noted Stan Bentley. Quality Approach

Whether DIVaero is designing a top-secret module for the defense of our country or shipping a high technology electronic assembly order to a customer, the approach taken by

DIVaero is the same — methodical quality steps incorporating documentation, traceability, risk analysis, monitoring, and measuring. AS9100 invokes a higher level of discipline and responsibility than ISO 9001, which plays perfectly into DIVaero’s commitment to provide the highest quality services and products to its customers.

Founded in 2018, DIVaero is a spin-off of Diversified Systems, Incorporated (dsi), a 48- year-old company specializing in PCB/PCBA design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and test, and PCB/PCBA Laboratory, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and owned by Stanley Bentley,
P .E.


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