Diverse high-resolution analytical services at ZESTRON

In addition to the Technical Center, the Analytical Center is the heart of the daily customer support provided by ZESTRON’s Application Technology department. In the Technical Center, customers have the opportunity to compare cleaning systems from leading manufacturers and test them with their own electronic assemblies or SMT stencils under real production conditions before making a purchase decision. They also have access to a wide range of analysis methods for purity qualification in the Analytical Center. These are of great relevance, for subsequent protective coating processes or wire bonding, and many others.

Therefore, ZESTRON’s customers have the option of ensuring surface quality directly after cleaning tests using high-resolution methods. For this purpose, methods such as ionic contamination measurement, ion chromatography, particle extraction and analysis and others are available. Thus, PCBs are safely checked in accordance with IPC, VDA or ISO standards.

After tests are done, customers receive a comprehensive technical report including test documentation and recommendation for the cleaning process as well as suitable analysis methods.



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