Doubling of the production area from August 2016

nanosystec benefits from the worldwide upward trend in the field of optical communications

The growing demands for the systems for the production of components for optical communication causes nanosystec in nearly doubling its production area. This new production area will be available starting in early August. Parallel to this expansion of working area, our highly qualified team will also be increased.

The commercial success of nanosystec is essentially based upon two developments. Firstly, the growth of Internet traffic is steadily developing. Consequently, a growing number of optical transmission paths are required, and the use of available bandwidth requires more powerful components. The producers of these components trust in the reliable production systems of nanosystec. The second area in which nanosystec has seen significant growth rates, is in general laser-based, automated micro-production.

With an increase in staff and the new production area, nanosystec is well placed to quickly and reliably serve its customers’ demands.


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