Europlacer extends trade-in initiative to non-Europlacer pick & place machines.

Europlacer has rolled out its successful trade-in scheme to the wider placement equipment market. The extended initiative encourages owners of older pick & place platforms to consider obtaining a trade-in valuation against a new Europlacer machine. For many, this overcomes issues around equipment obsolescence, spares shortages and diminishing support capabilities as well as offering the tangible commercial benefits associated with a new machine.

The trade-in initiative has proved exceptionally successful among Europlacer’s own customer base. The company is famed for its award-winning customer service and still has users with fully-operational placement machines well over 20 years old. Europlacer is growing its market share and wants more manufacturers to enjoy the positive experiences of its latest placement technology and support commitment.

“Inevitably, older machines will begin to suffer from parts shortages and difficulties in accommodating software and hardware upgrades due to legacy architecture,” explains Business Development and UK Sales Manager Andy Jones. “Our trade-in deals offer great value and have proved highly successful. Many Europlacer customers were surprised to learn that their old machine was worth more than they thought. Most of them traded-in for a new machine.”

Now Europlacer is extending its initiative to placement equipment from all suppliers. The reality and objective remain the same: to provide a cost-effective path to a new platform and eliminate potential issues that arise when keeping legacy machines operational. “Again, users of other brands of pick & place machines will face obsolescence. Before they retire those machines, or if their supplier lets them down, they need to speak to us about a trade-in deal,” says Jones.

In contrast to older machines that struggle with modern devices, new platforms handle the latest component technologies with ease. Rather than the challenge of maintaining throughput to remain competitive, new equipment typically boosts productivity and benefits from responsive, effective support that helps to maximise equipment uptime.

“Owners of older machines probably underestimate the value of that equipment within our trade-in programme,” Jones claims. “It’s too easy to feel entrenched, so are keen to provide a way out with generous agreements that deliver clear commercial advantages, along with the peace of mind and confidence that comes with the experience of owning a new Europlacer machine.”


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