Former Rocket EMS CEO launches new venture announces its grand opening. The business was founded by Craig Arcuri, former CEO of Rocket EMS. Arcuri is a recognized expert in the formation, development and growth of a variety of companies in industries as diverse as aviation, management, electronics manufacturing, PCB layout, and data analysis. He brings to the venture more than 30 years of experience and a genuine passion for growing companies.

Craig Arcuri MedRes focuses on working with companies, or divisions within a company, that can benefit from finding new ways to maximize their results or streamline their processes. While the techniques produce the fastest results in service businesses, they are effective with almost any type of business in any industry. Any company experiencing growing pains is a great candidate. Growing companies often find new challenges dealing with stiffer competition, technology gaps, inefficient processes or customer satisfaction issues. The vision that took a company from zero to one million may find a whole new set of challenges on the way from one million to ten million. can guide the company in navigating those challenges.

As Arcuri noted, “Business remodels give companies, business owners and executives more time to focus on their core vision and skills.” Unlike business “turnaround” professionals who frequently work with companies in critical trouble, focuses on quick wins for businesses that do not need major structural changes. Business remodels can generate happier customers and healthier financial performance, while providing greater visibility into the future through accurate forecasting models and techniques. Businesses will have the tools to help them truly be proactive rather than reactive. accomplishes this through its expertise with data science modeling, cash flow tools, sales and marketing strategies and customer satisfaction protocols.

During his years at the helm as CEO of Rocket EMS, Arcuri played an integral role in helping it become a preeminent EMS provider in Silicon Valley. He oversaw many years of significant growth not only in the business itself, but also in the passionate, dedicated, hard-working employees who worked with him shoulder-to-shoulder to create the best EMS supplier in Silicon Valley. With a management style that encourages personal and professional growth, Arcuri says proudly, “I worked with the very best team in the business, and I will miss them all.”


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