FREE Digital Download of Failures Analysis Booklet from ACI Technologies

aciACI Technologies, a manufacturing and scientific research corporation dedicated to the advancement of electronics processes and materials, invites you to download a free copy of its very popular e-booklet, “Failure Analysis Techniques for Electronics” from its Website store, which is located at

When the clock is ticking, getting to the root cause of any electronics build issue is critical! This photo-rich and clearly written booklet provides a quick reference to the most common electronics failures and the equipment and procedures used to identify these issues.

This book covers and explains defects such as head-on-pillow, solder paste voiding and measurement, pad cratering, and gold embrittlement. Matching the analysis tools to the job is also covered: when to use tools such as X-ray, optical inspection, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Bulk Ionics and Ion Chromatography or Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR)

Techniques for solderability evaluation, spectroscopic analysis, thermal analysis, are also presented, along with environmental stress testing, such as temperature cycling, thermal shock, vibration and mechanical testing.

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