The Future of Electronics Test, Smart Test Fixtures.

No question about it, Test Engineers are under extreme pressure to build incredibly sophisticated Functional Test equipment. And, because so much of the test solution requires custom hardware development, the test fixture ends-up being the central repository.

In today’s test environment, the typical bed-of-nails test fixture is called upon to perform some extraordinary tasks (such as Robotics, Pneumatic Control, Computer Vision Capture, Data Acquisition & Control and much more). Often this requires the fixture to measure a host of analog sensors (including temperature, pressure, LED light, displacement and velocity). Likewise, on the control side, the test fixture incorporates a serious collection of Digital I/O and Relay Switching capability.

To help Test Engineers deal with the complexity and build what is now referred to as “Smart Test Fixtures”, Overton Instruments (OI), has developed a unique set of instrument modules called the ETS Series, Embedded Test Solutions.  Like the name implies, the ETS Series is designed for embedded operation, and are directly installed inside a Mechanical Test Fixture.  The ETS Series’ family is supported by 8 different product categories (including Analog Conversion, Digital I/O, Relay Switching Solutions, Communications Modules, Signal Generation & Measurement, Special Function Modules and Embedded Test Controllers).

The ETS Series’ modules are both easy to use and program.  The units come with an optional USB interface, so any programming language (such as LabView/LabWindows and others), can be to used to control the module via a Virtual COM port. To excess the unit’s hardware, a convenient collection of screw terminal connectors are provided – along with a consolidated box header. The modules share a standard size (just 2.50” x 2.75”), and includes 4 mounting holes in each corner (for easy stacking).

So, we encourage you to experience the benefits for yourself.  To qualified customers, (OI) is offering evaluation demo’s for a free 10-day trial period (for selected modules within the ETS Series family). For more information simply visit our website at, or call me directly, Overton Claborne Sr (510) 944-4377.


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