Gen3 Systems announces contract award for the Novo 460 PD Selective Soldering System to Custom Interconnect Ltd (CIL), Andover.

Gen3 Systems supplies the Nordson SELECT Novo 460 PD Selective Soldering System for Custom Interconnect Ltd’s production facility in Andover.

The Nordson SELECT Selective Soldering Systems have been honoured with prestigious awards for innovation and excellence. With over 25 years experience in electronics manufacturing they’re proven both a highly experienced and a devoted team to perform flawlessly tailored products. Nordson SELECT have risen to become the foremost worldwide supplier of Selective Soldering Systems.

The Novo 460 PD System for CIL is designed to process 460mm x 460mm (18.1″ x 18.1″) assemblies entirely without intervention and is the biggest system in the Nordson SELECT range. Automatically applying flux and solder to through-hole component leads without disturbing neighbouring SMT components, they provide solder quality that is significantly superior to hand soldering with full barrel fill and top side fillets consistently produced. They out-perform at least 5 hand-soldering operators providing a return on Investment that can be measured in days.

The Integrated Manufacturing Division of CIL was formed in 1987 and has grown extensively over the years to become one of the major Specialist Electronics Manufacturing Service companies available today.

John Boston, Managing Director, of CIL, commented, “After reviewing other systems on the market it was an easy decision to make. A combination of the machines overall capability and the dual solder pot system soon made the 460 PD System the solution we were looking for. As well as SAC305 RoHS alloy soldering systems we still have a number of military customers who still require Tin/Lead soldering. We can utilise the dual pot system on the 460 PD by filling one pot with SAC305 alloy and the other with Tin/Lead alloy. As each board type is programmed into the machines software, we can configure it to use only the relevant solder pot with zero chance of cross contamination. We have therefore ended up with an auto thru hole soldering system in both SAC305 and Tin/Lead, which has enabled CIL to phase out both of its older CMS400 wave soldering systems. ”

GEN3’s Global Operations Manager, Nick Plumb commented: “This latest equipment installation adds to the collection of production and test equipment supplied to CIL by Gen3 Systems. The Novo 460PD is a very flexible selective soldering system and the way this one has been configured ticks all the boxes for contract manufacturers. The Novo 460 PD is easy to maintain and programme and these things are vitally important to a company like Custom Interconnect Limited”

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