GETECH secures significant PO from memory manufacturer

GETECH logoGETECH, PCB automation and depaneling, announces that it received a significant PO from a tier-one memory manufacturer for its Asian facilities. The order covers the development and delivery of a series of machines designed to increase productivity and production consistency:

  1. Measurement, Packing and Sorting Workcell for solid-state devices
  2. Measurement, Packing and Sorting Workcell for memory modules


The system series is designed and capable of PCBA dimensional measurement; they identify cross-out and reject boards, and perform sorting and packing into trays. The systems also use a flexible robotic arm combined with multiple servo-driven axis for parts and tray handling. With multiple megapixel cameras, the systems perform PCBS post-routing dimensional measurement as well as ID label alignment and position detection.

Additional benefits include:

  • Perform dimensional measurement on routed SSD, DIMM & SoDIMM (modules)
  • Real-time measurement and recording of measured data
  • Automatic pick-and-place of good modules to process tray
  • Differentiate and segregate reject modules into reject tray
  • Differentiate and segregate cross-out boards modules into waste bin
  • Differentiate and segregate misaligned labels into reject tray

These systems contribute to higher quality and overall efficiency, save time on labor, and are available 24/7.



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