GreenSoft Technology, Inc. launches iGDM: GreenData Manager Component Database Search

GreenSoft Technology, Inc., a provider of environmental compliance data services and software, has launched a new GreenData Manager (GDM) software add-on for searching the compliance status of parts/components: iGDM. Customers can access iGDM online from anywhere with an Internet connection through GDM-Browser Edition or Hosted GDM.

iGDM and all GDM software editions are for manufacturers that are obligated to comply with RoHS, REACH and other environmental product regulations.

iGDM allows engineering and product design staff to qualify parts for compliance in real-time during the design process by searching for RoHS and REACH SVHC compliance status within GreenSoft’s iGDM multi-million parts database.

The iGDM parts database is populated with high-quality up-to-date data on millions of parts gathered and validated by GreenSoft’s data collection team. Customers are able to search for matches using a single part number or by searching multiple part numbers at once.

iGDM will return search results presenting the number of parts found within the customer’s parts database and the number of parts not found in the customer’s database. The customer can then view the compliance status of unmatched parts using data pulled from GreenSoft’s iGDM component database.

After reviewing the searched parts from the iGDM database with compliance status, the customer can add those parts to their data collection and processing pool. GreenSoft will then add the chosen parts, with compliance status and compliance documents, into the GDM software for the customer.


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