Hesse Mechatronics partners with North Carolina State University to support wide bandgap packaging development


Xin Zhao, Adam Morgan, Haotao Ke and Prof. Douglas C. Hopkins, Ph.D., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – North Carolina State University

Hesse Mechatronics, Inc., the Americas subsidiary of Hesse GmbH, world leader in wedge wire bonding technology for power, automotive, medical, aerospace, RF, microwave, opto, military and consumer electronics, announces that the company recently partnered with North Carolina State University to develop packaging of wide bandgap (WBG) power devices.

Wide Bandgap Research at NC StateHesse Mechatronics, in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Power America initiative, has partnered with North Carolina State University’s FREEDM Systems Center to develop packaging of wide bandgap power devices. Under the direction of Dr. Douglas Hopkins of NC State and Mike McKeown of Hesse Mechatronics, Hesse Mechatronics has installed a Bondjet BJ939 Heavy Wire and Ribbon Wedge Bonder in the PREES Laboratory on the NC State campus in Raleigh, NC. A team of Ph.D. graduate students including Adam Morgan, Xin Zhao, and Haotao Ke is driving the research.

The Bondjet BJ939 was selected for wide bandgap power device research because of its versatility with both heavy aluminum and copper wires and heavy ribbon sizes. This same bonder is used by many other power module companies throughout the world. Dr. Hopkins notes that “WBG devices are challenging to bond because developers are continually re-optimizing metallization materials and thicknesses on thicker and thicker Epi, for example on 12kV SiC. The BJ939 is essential because of its high levels of automation and repeatability with precise parameter tracking.”

To view a video displaying heavy aluminum wire bonding onto wide bandgap power devices and other wire bond videos, please contact Mike McKeown at michael.mckeown@hesse-mechatronics.us



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