Hydraulic Torque Wrench Supplier Offer Safety Tips To Bulk Bag Handler

FormPak, Inc. is considered  the world leader in custom bulk bag handling systems.

On October 2, 2015, FormPak co-hosted a community event with their “neighbor company” Permalok, Corp in celebration of Manufacturing Day.MFG Day Blog

The National Manufacturing Day celebration was shared with employees, friends, suppliers, media and their local community members.

FormPak showcased some positive news on growth and thriving small manufacturing businesses in Ferguson, MO and in their local community!


Bolting Safety Tips For Manufacturers

As a supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrench tools who celebrated MFG Day virtually, AMG Bolting Solutions has set-out to help the audiences of several manufacturers in understanding the importance of safety.

Especially when that safety involves the fastening of nuts and bolts.

In the SMT & Packaging Industry the main focus seems to be bulk bags which is address as follows:

The common issues associated with filling industrial bulk bags

Probably the category with the lowest risk and fewest injuries is filling bulk bags, however, there are some notable issues and easy to fix remedies.

  • Unstable bag lifts and poorly fastened equipment

Super Sack Handling Equipment Safety and FasteningOne of the most common injuries is the lack of suitable bag support as the bag fills up, leaving the holding unit and/or the bulk bag susceptible to leaning, spilling, or toppling.

In the best case, issues related to lack of structural support cause little to no harm.

However, in the worst cases — the ones we need to prepare for, operators or their appendages have been crushed.

Therefore, a quality support system and its proper installation is essential to ensure safety.

In an article titled “How to Anchor Pallet Racks to concrete” by Vice President of Concrete Fasteners, Mike Pistorino, it states:

It is extremely important to ensure that all of the racks are level before installing any anchors. It is also essential to ensure that every column of the rack frame will be anchored to an adequate and stable concrete floor.

You can read the entire article here >>>

A “rated” proper filling frame is always recommended to support the entire weight of the bag in a suspended mode (not typically necessary for proper filling, but eliminates any doubt to its suitability).







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