Indium Corporation’s Hisert explains how to select the proper solder preform

Indium_PRIV_PreformsIndium Corporation announces the release of its newest informational video that guides the audience on the proper steps for selecting a solder preform.

This brief video features Indium Corporation’s Jim Hisert, Manufacturing Engineer, and SMT expert Phil Zarrow, President and Principal Consultant for ITM Consulting, discussing the process of selecting the appropriate solder preform for various applications.

“Preforms are a great form of solder,” Hisert explained. “Compared to paste or wire, you’re getting a very discreet volume of solder that can be coated in a very light coating of flux so you can limit voiding.”

Solder preforms are manufactured in a variety of alloys, including Pb-free, SAC, indium-alloy, high-temperature, low-temperature, SnPb, and more. They come in a large variety of sizes and shapes and in a wide range of packaging styles.

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Hisert is responsible for supporting Indium Corporation’s materials for the photovoltaic industry. Like many other engineers in the solar industry, his background is in the semiconductor industry. Hisert has presented at various industry organizations and technical seminars, and has authored technical papers on thermal management, as well as semiconductor packaging assembly. He also is an active member of photovoltaic standards organizations, including the IPC, for which he chairs a subcommittee, “Acceptance Criteria for Tabbing and Stringing.”


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