Inovar invests in Nordson DAGE’s X-ray system to improve defect detection

Inovar DAGE Ruby Purchase MedResInovar, Inc., a full-service EMS provider, announces that it recently purchased and installed an XD7600NT Ruby X-ray Inspection System with X-Plane™ technology from Nordson DAGE.

Inovar will use the XD7600NT Ruby X-ray system for internal troubleshooting and failure analysis activities. Additionally, the system will be available to Inovar customers in need of fast, accurate issue resolution. Head-in-pillow (HiP) defects, package-on-package (PoP) defects and micro-cracks, among other issues, will be addressed.

The implementation of the XD7600NT Ruby X-ray improves Inovar’s troubleshooting and failure analysis processes. The X-Plane™ technology speeds up the detection of defects that previously were undetectable with conventional X-ray technology without damaging the board. Additionally, the X-Plane™ software enables the user to obtain a nondestructive, virtual cross-section of the area of interest.

Jef Nielsen, Process Engineering Manager, said, “The system allows Inovar to provide improved solder joint inspection of bottom-terminated components including ball grid arrays (BGA) and quad flat no-lead (QFN) components. The 160 kV X-ray tube with up to 10W target power allows Inovar to always have submicron inspection capability. The 70° oblique views without loss of magnification provide a more rapid assessment of barrel-fill solder joints for THA components.”

President Craig Rupp added that Inovar’s objective is to become the world expert in solderability, and this purchase is the final capital equipment investment needed to reach that goal. With the Ruby now in place, Inovar’s defect rate is below 0.25 percent.

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