Juki: 80 Years and Going Strong

From its very first days in business, Juki Corporation has created new values through “Monodzukuri”, the art of product-making through invention and deploying evolutionary technologies. Now in its 80th year, Juki is one of the world’s leading SMT placement companies, with more than 40,000 surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines shipped worldwide. Juki Corporation was founded in December, 1938 when about 900 machinery manufacturers in Tokyo invested in the corporation and commenced operation under the corporate name: “TOKYO JUKI MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION.”

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Juki Corporation’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, and operates subsidiaries worldwide. The company has built a reputation as the world’s leader in industrial sewing machine technology, and SMT assembly systems. Juki supplies over 170 nations with sewing equipment and related products for the garment industry which represents 67 percent of the company’s overall revenue. Juki is also a leader in electronics assembly line solutions for the SMT industry which it began in 1987.

Juki Automation Systems (JAS) is responsible for the direct sales and service of Juki Corporation’s SMT assembly machine business in North and South America. Juki machines are manufactured exclusively in Japan and have a reputation for high-quality, super reliability and ease-of-use.

By 1993 Juki became the pioneer of the modular SMT assembly line. Since that time, the company has increased the speed of its machines while maintaining the flexibility and high quality that they are well known for. The company is committed to investing heavily in new strategic and innovative technologies to grow its market share.

The company has continued to change and evolve through the years. In 2017, Bill Astle was promoted to the position of president of JAS, Inc. “I can think of no one more qualified than Bill to follow me as President of Juki,” commented Robert J Black, Jr., former President and CEO. “His extensive experience in our industry and outstanding work ethic will allow him to guide our company to new heights. All of us at JAS are excited about this move.”

Juki’s strength in the SMT placement market comes from its renowned core competency in manufacturing. The company utilizes consistent and efficient quality manufacturing systems to produce its award winning machines enabling the company to continually supply a high level of outstanding products at all times.

“Juki has been a great innovator and respected market leader for many years in the SMT market,” stated Astle. “With Bob’s great leadership, we have reached a stage where we are truly one of the world’s leading SMT smart solutions providers. We’re inspired by our customers’, listen to their desires, and plan on delivering revolutionary new products in factory automation to meet their evolving needs. In addition, Juki has always been given accolades for outstanding support. This tradition of providing the best customer experience possible will continue as we expand and continuously upgrade our line solutions portfolio.”

Today, Juki maintains its role as leading innovator of high quality products with leading-edge technology demanded by an electronics industry that continues to call for increased electronics density, endless package miniaturization, high efficiencies and low cost. For example, the new G-Titan Screen Printer is equipped for lights-out manufacturing using onboard real-time quality print control, which sustains optimal print conditions.  The printer features a new interface with a modern look and many standard features, including: touchscreen LCD, stencil inspection, solder paste roll measurement, stencil lock, support block crash prevention, and automatic solder paste dispense (jar, or cartridge).

Juki’s new Autonomous Material Handling System consists of the ISM3600 and ISM3900, an interface module, an elevator unit and AGV(s) designed to work as one unit. The complete package provides the unique ability to automatically store, retrieve, deliver, and return components throughout the factory. Components can be taken by the AGV from the main warehouse to the storage tower and/or to production lines.

Juki ISM3600ISM3900MIMEEM.jpg

Another industry first from Juki is new SMT mounter called the RS-1. In the past, the placement head(s) had to be mounted high enough to clear the tallest component on the PCBA, resulting in excessive vacuum nozzle Z-Axis movements, especially for short passive chip components. Now, the mid-speed RS-1 features an all-in-one, adaptive Z-Axis, multi-function head utilizing one LNC120, 3D sensor for in-flight measurement and centering. The 3D sensor moves up and down allowing automatic placement speed optimization based on component height, resulting in the highest CPH and line balancing possible. Additionally, using new general vision recognition technology, the RS-1 provides easy data entry for both standard SMT and odd-form parts.
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The winner of more than 45 industry awards, Juki has built its global image with a combination of top-quality, high performance machines. It has a reputation for world-class service and support resulting in the lowest cost of ownership and production costs for its customers around the globe. The pioneer of the modular assembly system starting in 1993, Juki offers flexible SMT line solutions designed for both high-volume and high-mix environments. Juki machines have about 30 percent U.S. made content by cost.

Juki’s production strategy includes centralizing both the mounter and related feeders / accessory production into one centrally located facility for quality purposes, allowing the various departments to interact. This ensures that the company will continue to quickly and continuously exceed all customer requirements for many years to come.

For more information, contact Carlos Eijansantos at Juki Automation Systems, 507 Airport Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560; 510-468-6213; E-mail: CEijansantos@jas-smt.com; Web Site: www.jukiamericas.com


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