Key-Tech Electronic Systems Boosts Capabilities; Installs New Equipment

Key-Tech Electronic Systems today announced it is further advancing its production ambitions with the recent installation of two, new, fully automated Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20 modular surface mount machines , within the busy 46,000 sq. ft. facility.

Key-Tech Electronic System’s Z:LEX YSM20, considered to be the best in its class, has operating mounting speeds of 90,000 chips per hour. With a built-in smart recognition system, reducing operator input, it can place unconventionally shaped components accurately and efficiently without compromising on quality.

In the year where Key-Tech Electronic Systems celebrates its coming of age, with a very successful 21 st anniversary, the two company directors, Jim Spence and David Weir, decided to move forward with their top end clients by purchasing not one, but two of these elite machines. The modularity of the Z:LEX YSM20 perfects Key-Tech Electronic System’s ability to deliver high speed assemblies of multi-sized components on a by-far greater scale, now enhancing customers’ demanding turnarounds. From miniaturised components [such as the 0301 5 (0.3mmx0.1 5mm) to large assemblies, Key-Tech Electronic Systems now offers the electronic and electromechanical industry a competitive and leading edge flexibility and versatility to meet the demanding requirements of today’s marketplace.


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