KIC celebrates 40 years of helping manufacturers improve quality & reduce costs through thermal process optimization

KIC announces its 40th year anniversary in the thermal processing business, helping manufacturers improve quality while reducing costs. A key to KIC’s success is the ability to provide value to its customers by giving them real-time and historic thermal process data that allows the manufacturer to make better decisions, faster.

Bjorn Dahle, President, commented, “We thank all of our customers for your loyalty and we look forward to providing you even more value in the future and to contribute towards your success.”

The emerging industry trend towards smart factories (Industry 4.0 / Made in China 2025) highlights the importance of actionable data to the right people at the right time to remove waste. Scrap, rework, production downtime, excessive electricity use, unnecessary manual tasks, mistakes and much more are wasteful – thermal process technology helps factories reduce or eliminate it.

But KIC is not feeling middle aged. On the contrary, the growing market demand has accelerated the development of thermal process transparency, automation, machine learning, and data connectivity products.


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