Koh Young Europe announces record growth in Q1 2017

3D inspection technology leader Koh Young Technology reports that its wholly- owned subsidiary, Koh Young Europe, recently closed a record-breaking First Quarter 2017 with a growth of 55% quarter-on-quarter.

Koh Young Technology attributes this impressive growth to the growing demand for its measurement-based Zenith Series Full 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system. The Zenith system measures the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, patterns and even foreign material on assembled PCBs with true three-dimensional measurement, overcoming the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of older 2D algorithm-based AOI systems. Because the Zenith offers significant process advantages over less-capable systems, its popularity has surged among PCB assemblers in the global electronics manufacturing industry.

In making the announcement, Harald Eppinger, Koh Young Europe’s General Manager, stated, “We’re immensely pleased with our company’s first quarter performance for 2017. As Koh Young Technology continues to expand our product and service offerings throughout the year, we look forward to even surpassing this quarter’s encouraging achievement.”


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