Koh Young Technology continues exclusive SPI partnership with Bosch

KY-partner-with-Bosch_aSPIre3Koh Young Technology announces that it continues an exclusive SPI partnership for Bosch with its latest and unique 3D SPI system, aSPIre 3. Koh Young and Bosch have been the trusted partners since 2006, with Koh Young supplying the world first 3D SPI systems for worldwide Bosch production facilities exclusively. Both companies have agreed to further develop the partnership by improving printing process optimization solution together.

aSPIre 3 3D In-line SPI system offers fast yet reliable inspection using the latest 3D measurement probe technology with 2x faster inspection speed compared to previous models, without sacrificing accuracy and resolution. Its industry-leading full 3D measurement based inspection capability on solder paste height, size, volume and shape enables perfect defect control during production, regardless of any production environment. aSPIre 3 also offers auto-verification of measurement capability to ensure the best inspection quality at all times.

“We are honored to continue the partnership with Bosch, one of our most prestigious customers who value the technology leadership to continuously improve the end customer experience and benefits. Koh Young believes the uncompromised full 3D measurement of solder paste is the only solution to realize real-time printing process optimization, by providing the accurate and reliable process information to begin with. We will continue to provide Bosch with the most advanced process optimization solution by 3D SPI systems, for its cutting-edge manufacturing environment.” said Dr. Kwangill Koh, the CEO of Koh Young Technology.

The most advanced SPI software solution embedded in the aSPIre 3 system provides simplified job management through SPI Library Manager, multi-lines production status review at a glance and via remote access by Multi-line Monitoring Tool and RMS, and even a real-time results traceability from SPI to AOI through KsmartLink, and much more.

“Koh Young’s Full 3D SPI systems have greatly contributed in ensuring a high level of quality for our customers. Its strong and dedicated global support organization has also been a great value to our worldwide production facilities. We look forward to more fruitful partnership in coming years with both companies’ technology leadership continued.” said Juliane Kueffner, the Competence Network Leader for solder paste inspection of Bosch Automotive Electronics.

Koh Young continues to invest in widening R&D capabilities to satisfy higher customer expectations and technology advancements. Its R&D center that occupies nearly 50% of headquarters personnel is confident to tackle the most complicated problems and technical challenges for inspection solutions to solve when the market introduces the latest and greatest technology. Creating innovative solutions through partnership with customers makes Koh Young the industry leading 3D measurement and inspection solutions provider.



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