Kurtz Ersa awards Yankee Soldering Technology for rework & inspection sales performance

Kurtz Ersa North America, a supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced that Todd Dezwarte, Ersa’s Sales Manager for Rework, Inspection & Tools, presented Yankee Soldering Technology with an Ersa ‘Rep of the Year Award‘ for outstanding sales of rework and inspection equipment in the New England area in 2016. Based in Rhode Island, Yankee soldering represents Ersa throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Dezwarte commented: “Yankee Soldering Technology has been an integral part of our rapid growth and we look forward to another outstand year.”

Since 1997 Yankee Soldering Technology has been working with its suppliers to help customers stay competitive. “We accomplish this by knowing the capabilities of the products we represent, making sure that we recommend solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers,” commented Don Lockard, Yankee Soldering.

For more information about Yankee Soldering’s products and services, contact Don Lockard at (401) 886-5635 or Paul Rollins at (401) 741-7285, or visit www.yankeesoldering.com


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