Libra Industries installs new SPI Systems in Mentor and Dallas facilities

libra-omron-cdk-vp5200-v-install-mentor-dallas-16Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, today announced that is has completed the installation of two new Omron CDK VP5200-V Solder Paste Inspection systems. A second system was installed at the Libra Industries’ Mentor facility and one was installed at the Dallas facility.

Libra Industries’ VP of Operations Steve Schwaebler stated, “Since implementing SPI, our productivity has increased and we have gained the ability to inspect fixture sizes that are too small for reliable visual inspection, with true 3D measurements. We are looking forward to adding additional stations to our other lines.”

After benefitting from high-speed inspection and an industry-leading speed of 9,400mm2/sec after the first install, Libra Industries has successfully installed two additional units. The VP-V series is specially designed to achieve a higher speed of inspection to meet the needs of high-speed production lines, such as Libra Industries’.

With inline detection, mounting faults at the initial stage, which make up 70 percent of the total, can be detected early on. The VP5200-V provides Libra Industries with high accuracy and repeatability to support the inspection of ultra-fine Pads. The system’s repeatability of height inspection is within 1µm at 3σ (height standard jig), and the repeatability of volume inspection is within two percent at 3σ (CKD’s sample PCB).

Libra Industries continues to invest to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability.


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