Libra Industries names Future Electronics Partner of the Year for 2016

Left to right: Don Kerrick, Steve Kemer, Rod Howell and Norm Lelless

Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, is pleased to announce that it recently presented Future Electronics with its fourth annual Strategic Partnership Award. Libra Industries’ President and CEO Rod Howell presented the award to Norm Lelless – Sales Manager, and Steve Kemer – Strategic Account Manager. Future Electronics is a worldwide leader in electronic components distribution, and is recognized as one of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry today.

Libra Industries has collaborated with Future Electronics over the past year, and in that time the company has seen 99.7 percent on-time delivery, and more than $22,000 in savings on material purchases. Additionally, the company has benefited from supply chain integration, including material requirements planning (MRP) share, bond program, and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Future Electronics’ success is largely built upon its commitment to maintain close business partnerships with suppliers and customers, coupled with the strength of its commercial and technical competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle. Libra Industries’ Purchasing Manager, Don Kerrick, commented: “Future Electronics’ commitment to supply chain integration and customer service sets them apart in a distribution market that has struggled in those areas in recent years.”

Founded in 1968, Future Electronics is headquartered in Montreal and operates in 169 locations in 42 countries around the world. The company has earned an impressive reputation for providing outstanding service and developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions. For more information, visit

Libra Industries continues to invest to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability. For more information, visit


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