MARTIN introduces new gantry-driven rework system

The new Expert 10.6RS is a semi-automated rework station featuring a gantry system that allows precise positioning with navigation to any point on the printed circuit board (PCB). Pre-positioning is performed via the smooth-running XY gantry, while fine positioning and placement is fully automatic using proven Martin technology, providing a very repeatable process. With excellent accessibility to components anywhere on PCB, the system can rework small to extremely large sized devices.

This camera-supported system accommodates all rework processes, including de-soldering, site cleaning, automatic positioning and soldering.  The proven hybrid under-heater (5300W) allows gentle heating of PCBs with dimensions up to 500×500 mm². Process control is achieved with an automatic profiler for both the top and under-heating modules. With a compact footprint and simple, intuitive software, this system is ideal for all your rework needs.

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Adrienne Gerard
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