Metcal application expert Paul Wood will present at the BEST Tech Symposium

Metcal Paul WoodMetcal announced that Paul Wood is speaking at the BEST Tech Symposium on Small Package Challenges, scheduled to take place Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 at Pinstripes – South Barrington in South Barrington, IL. Mr. Wood will present “Hand Soldering Techniques for Small Packages.”

“I am delighted to speak about hand soldering techniques for small packages at the Best Tech Symposium,” commented Paul Wood, Metcal’s Advanced Product Applications Manager. “The list of topics and speakers at the symposium will address a number of assembly challenges and should be a great benefit to anyone facing these issues.”

There are numerous challenges for the rework technician in trying to rework very small outline packages such as 0201 and 01005s, and ultra-fine pitch small outline parts such as SOICs with a 0.3 mm pitch. Modern hand tools and techniques are required to rework these devices. The hand tools need to be very small, light, ESD-safe tools with low air flow and closed-loop controls for airflow and heat. This talk will focus on how such a tool can be used to make the rework of these small packages simpler and faster. In addition, various “how to” techniques through photos and application videos will be highlighted.

Mr. Wood is an industry expert in the BGA/CSP/Array package rework arena. With 33 years of service at OK International, Inc., and 42 years’ experience in the electronics industry, Mr. Wood has used his global experience in rework to keep electronics assembly manufacturers on the leading edge of technology.

In addition to Mr. Wood, the BEST Tech Symposium will feature a number of other speakers, all discussing different aspects of assembly challenges of small packages. The symposium promises to increase attendees’ understanding of the challenges involved in small footprint device assembly.

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