MWC 2019: Tuya announces partnership with Qualcomm, AsiaInfo & Ctroniq

The world’s leading AI + IoT platform teams up with field giants in bid to accelerate the integration of AI + IoT technology in traditional industries

MWC 2019 officially kicked off on February 25th at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via exhibition hall. Different from previous years, 2019 was dubbed the first commercial year of 5G technology, with all areas related to 5G technologies, such as chips, Internet of Things, and smart home tech receiving special attention. It was also at MWC 2019 that global AI + IoT platform Tuya announced exciting new partnerships with tech giants such as Qualcomm, AsiaInfo, Ctroniq. Tuya hopes to seize the wave of development in the 5G era by joining hands with leaders in related fields around the world to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies in traditional industries.

Partner Qualcomm – a global leader in chip technology

Tuya and Qualcomm announced their partnership at MWC 2019, and will further expand the space for AI + IoT development through resource sharing and complementary advantages. As a global leader in chip technology, Qualcomm will provide the latest chips for Tuya, which will be used in a series of products, including the AI smart camera, AI Tuya Assistant, AI video doorbell, face recognition access control and other security products.

“The chip is the core device of the AIoT platform,” said Alex Yang, COO of Tuya. “Combining the latest chip technology of Qualcomm with our AIoT platform capabilities will provide users with a more efficient and intelligent experience.”

Products with Qualcomm and Tuya, with the support from AIMobile as the product solution provider, are scheduled to begin mass-production later in 2019.

Strategic Partner AsiaInfo – telecom industry

Tuya and AsiaInfo Technology also declared at MWC 2019 that they plan to jointly explore the industrial ecological layout and technology integration of the AI+IoT technology field in 5G tech. Leo Chen, Chairman of Tuya, and Suning Tian, Chairman of AsiaInfo Technology attended the signing ceremony.

AsiaInfo Technology as a famous operator in telecommunications industry has shown proof of its remarkable technical know-how. It is understood that AsiaInfo Technology is stepping up the layout of artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things. Its business scope has been extended cover the whole industry’s big data operation, intelligent services and other fields. Networking, 5G and other industries have also achieved major breakthroughs.

In the future, the cooperation between the two parties aims to use the IoT technology and intelligent transformation program to carry out deeper exploration, and provide more intelligent product services for enterprises through the upgrade of operators’ technology. At the same time, AsiaInfo will also use the global market channels of Tuya to enable more users to experience its advanced technologies and products and accelerate their globalization.

Strategic Partner Ctroniq – technology brand

Founded in 2012, Ctroniq offers IT, consumer electronics and solutions through more than 700 mobile devices and audio and video products in the UK as well as Egypt, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other Middle Eastern countries. With a stable and reliable product and a relentless pursuit of quality experience, Ctroniq has become the most influential provider of innovative digital solutions and mobile devices in the Middle East.

Tuya will provide Ctroniq with comprehensive platform empowerment and a rich and flexible smart product solution in order to develop the layout on the 5G landing and smart home track. The two sides will also combine enterprise resources, sales channels, technological advantages and broad markets to achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages, jointly integrate global channels, embrace the broad prospects of commercial 5G and smart home industry upgrades, and create a win-win situation.


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