Naprotek, Inc. adds CCX.3 component counter to automate stockroom

Naprotek, Inc., a provider of electronic manufacturing services, today announced that it has purchased and successfully installed an optical control OC-SCAN®CCX.3 SMD counting machine for controlling inventory in the stockroom.

Naprotek sets the standard for high-quality prototypes and Made-in-America production. With access to exact inventory knowledge, the company has increased its productivity. Monitoring and controlling inventory is critical for the production process. The CCX.3 X-ray simplifies electronic manufacturing work and gives exact and precise control of inventory, and as a result, helps keeps lines running.

The CCX.3 component counter will accommodate reels, tubes, JEDEC trays and cut strips. The average cycle time is approximately ten seconds. This reduces Naprotek’s manual counting time to virtually zero, with only minimal load/unload requirements from the operator. Each item is displayed on the screen with the associated count, and the operator can increase the field-of-view to double-check and assure accuracy of individual parts being scanned. The addition of this machine reduces the handling and manual counting of parts, giving Naprotek a massive increase in throughput in the material, kitting and receiving process.

“We evaluated several component counting units before selecting the OC-SCAN-CCX.3 machine,” commented Larry Morrissey, Vice President Operations at Naprotek. “This new unit provides cutting-edge capability for our stockroom and greatly enhances our material handling process. Some of its key advantages were the lack of any programming requirements and ease of use. What used to take hours to count now can be counted in minutes, saving valuable time that can be devoted to other, critical inventory management tasks, and giving us the ability to reconcile inventories for our customers.”

Naprotek specializes in mission-critical products, and its processes and systems are focused on delivering award-winning quality. For more information, visit


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