NETA SMT active as new Viscom AG partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Viscom AG is now represented by a sales partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company NETA SMT s.r.o. has taken on exclusive sales and service representation for the entire product line in both countries. The contract was signed at the SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg.

From left: Lars Bartels, Sales Europe, Viscom AG; Carsten Salewski, Executive Board – Sales, Marketing and International Business, Viscom AG; Rostislav Kratochvíl, owner and Executive Director, NETA SMT s.r.o., and Grischa Wasmus, Sales Europe, Viscom AG, meet at the SMT Hybrid Packaging to sign the contract

Initial discussions with Rostislav Kratochvíl, owner and Executive Director of NETA SMT, were conducted with Lars Bartels and Grischa Wasmus, both in Sales Europe at Viscom, in March at the AMPER trade fair in Brno, Czech Republic. NETA SMT is headquartered in the same city. Comprehensive negotiations followed in May at the Viscom Technology Forum in Hanover, Germany. Finally, the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade fair, which took place from June 5 to 7 in Nuremberg, Germany, offered the ideal context for signing the contract.

Lars Bartels commented: “The depth of expert knowledge and the potential market network NETA SMT brings were convincing, especially when joined with the business owner’s extensive international experience in the branch. Also, NETA SMT’s wider product range fits our quality requirements very well.” After corresponding training, the new partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will also take over application training and technical support from Viscom.

“Based on many years of experience in the branch, NETA SMT was founded in early 2016 with the intent to approach our customers as a reliable specialist. Therefore, we have deliberately limited ourselves to a manageable selection of high-value products,” stresses Rostislav Kratochvíl. Since major electronics manufacturing customers in his region increasingly insist on the most up-to-date quality assurance and the concepts of machine networking and Industry 4.0 make stronger inroads here, Kratochvíl sees rising demand for 3D inspection systems as clearly inevitable.


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