New 20K ft2 addition underway at Nathan Trotter & Co., Inc.’s Coatesville Plant

Nathan Trotter Facility Expansion 16Nathan Trotter & Co., Inc., a manufacturer of tin and tin alloys, today announced the expansion of its tin and solder bar manufacturing site by an additional 20,000 ft2 attachment to its existing 30,000 ft2 finished goods plant. The addition will be outfitted with a continuous-cast automated solder line, a second billet casting station to feed the two on-site extrusion presses, eight new furnaces and two new packaging stations; all resulting in approximately 100,000 lb/day of additional capacity.

“We have realized significant growth in the last five to ten years in the solder bar market and other industries to which we supply tin,” said Luke Etherington, Vice President. “We felt that it was a good time to invest in additional capacity and automation to prepare for further growth.”

Nathan Trotter’s solder reclamation division, Tin Technology and Refining, operates in a separate 40,000 ft2 facility in nearby West Chester, PA. The businesses process more than 1,000 tons/month of tin and solder across both facilities.

Nathan Trotter & Co. is the oldest continuously operated solder manufacturer in North America. The company started in 1789 in a 5,000 ft2 warehouse on the banks of the Delaware River in Philadelphia. More than 225 years later and now located in Coatesville, PA, Nathan Trotter is again expanding its tin and solder bar manufacturing site.


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