New eBook from Alpha Assembly Solutions Highlights Low-Temperature Soldering

Tired of solder joint failures? Get your head off the pillow! Learn about opportunities and solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry provided by low-temperature soldering with, “The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to… Low-Temperature Soldering.”

Written by Morgana Ribas and other expert authors from Alpha Assembly Solutions, this book provides an introduction to the evolution of modern low-temperature soldering, illustrates the importance of chemistry when developing low-temperature solders, and discusses advanced and emerging applications where lower melting point alloys can provide unique assembly solutions.

This book serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to better understand the benefits low-temperature alloys have to offer, such as reducing costs, creating more reliable solder joints, and overcoming design limitations with traditional alloys.

Raiyo Aspandiar, senior engineer at Intel Corporation, says, “Due to the recent burgeoning in the use of low-temperature solders within the electronics assembly industry, much has been written about bismuth- and tin-based solders and solder pastes. This book does a good job of distilling out the chaff and focusing on the most relevant, valuable information available.”

See what the experts have to say. Download your copy here.


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