New Viscom building creates additional capacity

Viscom AG New Company Building 16

More space for employees, customer visits and products: the new Viscom company building at Carl-Buderus-Straße 6 in Hanover-Badenstedt

Viscom AG is pleased to announce that it has moved into its new facility. The new building is one of six that makes up the expansive Viscom campus at the company’s headquarters in Hanover-Badenstedt. Now, the company has an even more spacious and modern demo center for presenting its inspection systems, a conference room for more than 300 people as well as additional training and office facilities.

The official opening of the new premises at Carl-Buderus-Straße 6 will take place during Viscom’s Technology Forum, scheduled to take place June 8-9, 2016. However, the first system presentations are already underway at the new facilities. The new offices have already been furnished, and Viscom’s new building is now in operation and ready for training customers and employees, hosting events and more.

The building convinces with its distinctive architectural idiom and modern geometric purity. A fully glazed entrance foyer connects two extended structural units, similar to the spine of a half-opened book. The two upper stories project outward all around the building. Their dark aluminum facade marks a striking contrast against the white exterior of the ground floor. This systematic structural motif is echoed in the interior spaces, where clean structures, a generous spatial layout and expansive window surfaces take full effect. The ground plan is based on a grid system, with its inherent versatility in accommodating division to suit any need.

As of now, all system presentations at the Viscom campus are taking place in the new demo center. This includes two spacious presentation rooms that house all of the systems. Sizable viewing screens for information, animations and other displays, numerous consultation isles, a central room for meetings and many harmonious contemporary details offer an all-encompassing, positive atmosphere.

Today, Viscom has branches in the U.S., China, Singapore, France, Tunisia and Mexico. Nonetheless, this company’s success story also is mirrored in the spatial development on Carl-Buderus-Straße. The first building to open here is still part of the company headquarters. Once it was ready in 1992, in-house production took off. At that time, useful space was 1000 m2.

Due to the positive business development, this soon became inadequate. Construction of two production halls followed in 1998/99. The management building, as the employees and customers know it today, was built in 2001. The third hall came one year later. By that time, the total surface of the Viscom headquarters had grown to about 10,000 m2. And the expansion continued. A new training center and the fourth production hall were opened in 2005.

After a nearby auto service center closed its doors, yet another building project slowly gained momentum. And when an immediately adjacent tire dealership offered its property for sale, Viscom quickly expanded the area linked to its headquarters yet again – this time with the inclusion of a fifth hall. Construction of the recently completed company building on the newly acquired grounds at Carl-Buderus-Straße 6 finally started in April 2014.


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