New Yorkville garbage contract includes electronics recycling

Yorkville residents will save from $33 to slightly below $40 per year in the first couple of years of a new multi-year garbage and recycling contract.

The Yorkville City Council approved a seven-year contract for refuse and recycling services with Advanced Disposal, which will bring cost savings and a new curbside electronics collection system that will begin right away.

The contract will begin May 1. Advanced Disposal has provided services to the city for the past 10 years.

“Our staff did a good job in negotiating a contract for our residents,” Yorkville Mayor Gary Golinski said.

The mayor said the city was able to keep its existing vendor and receive the additional electronic curbside recycling effective immediately even though the contract does not begin for another three months.

“It is a win-win,” the mayor said.

Residents currently pay $19.25 per month for refuse collection regardless of the size of totes they use. Under the new contract, households will pay $15.95 per month for a 33-gallon tote or $16.50 per month for a 65-gallon or 96-gallon tote.

Golinski said the savings is equal to $3.30 per month or $39.60 per year for a 33-gallon bin and $2.75 per month or $33 per year for either a 65-gallon or 96-gallon tote.

City Administrator Bart Olson in his report said the city issued a request for proposals last fall which allowed for companies to bid on the work. He said the city heard back from five waste-haulers.

Staff recommended staying with its existing provider Batavia-based Advanced Disposal because they offered lower pricing in two of three categories. The other benefit is that the city would not have to go change companies, he said.

Olson said Advanced Disposal agreed to start curbside electronic recycling immediately at no additional cost. The company further agreed to change a 96-gallon refuse price included in the bid to be the same as a 65-gallon refuse price.

By year 2022, residents will still be paying lower than what they are currently paying for the refuse and recycling curbside collections, city officials said.

Public works committee chairman Alderman Chris Funkhouser said it was beneficial for the city to issue the request for proposals rather than renegotiate a contract with its existing waste-hauler.

“Through our process we were able to realize a savings and get additional services. Our staff did do a good job,” he said.


Linda Girardi is a freelance reporter for The Beacon-News


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