O.C. White Co. Appoints Electronic Assembly Products (EAP) Reps for Indiana, Kentucky

O.C. White, the world’s oldest and most respected industrial lighting and inspection manufacturer, announces the appointment of Electronic Assembly Products (EAP) as Manufacturer’s Representative Agency to represent O.C. White products in the territories of Indiana and Kentucky, effective since December 1, 2018.

EAP is representing O.C. White selling a wide range of products ranging from illuminated magnifiers to microscopes, machine lights, task lighting, and much more. Additionally, EAP maintains a group of technical experts who are ready to support O.C. White’s existing and new potential customers in the U.S.

For more than 15 years, EAP has been a manufacturer’s representative agency that approaches every single customer as a partner in solving process challenges. EAP uses its vast experience and knowledge of all aspects of the assembly process to work with the customers to identify and resolve assembly challenges.

EAP has wide coverage across the U.S. market; EAP’s Kevin Moses will represent O.C. White in Indiana and Kentucky, tel. (937) 620-4528 – Mobile, Email kevin.moses@eapltd.com



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