optical control launches Americas division in response to rapid growth

optical control GmbH & Co. KG, a world leader in automated component counting technology, today announced the motivation behind opening their USA division was in response to the rapid growth. Globally, the company is up 250% over 2017 and it’s only September, and expected to be well over 300% by the end of 2018. The official launching date for Optical Control Americas, LP is early October.

“The outstanding sales increase is largely in part of our quick success in the USA,” commented Todd O’Neil, VP of Business Development at Optical Control. “Although we started forming Optical Control Americas in November of 2017, the product was already proven globally since 2012, and our official introduction at the 2018 APEX show San Diego last February was simply our debut in the USA. Since then, the demand has been nothing less than astonishing. This success comes from a great product, that does what it’s supposed to, and having the most knowledgable sales team in the industry that are used to selling top notch equipment.”

The CCX.3 X-ray from optical control was truly the first component counter in the industry. The stand-alone machine is fully automated as far as programming – there are no libraries or need for customer input to get started. It is truly a plug-and-play system and can X-ray ANY size reel in the same cycle time no matter how full or empty the reel is. It is the only machine with this ability, providing an ROI faster than any other machine. “The simplicity and speed of the machine are evident immediately during a demonstration, which is a big reason for our success,” added O’Neil. “People like simplicity.”

The machine also can be configured for complete automation, including integrations into other sytems such as automated storage units. Whether this is done by installing the loading and unloading unit, or complete integration, is up to the customer in their steps towards industry 4.0.

Exact inventory knowledge and permanent inventory is mandatory to increase productivity, for on-time delivery and an immediate reaction in case of bottlenecks. The entire SMT line is monitored, so monitoring and controlling inventory to run the lines is equally critical for the production process. The OC-SCAN®CCX.3 SMD reel counting machine simplifies electronic manufacturing work and gives exact, and precise control of inventory, and as a result, helps keeps lines running!

For more information, visit www.optical-control.com or email infoNA@optical-control.com.


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