Plasma-Therm acquires ion-beam equipment and technology provider

Plasma-Therm, a supplier of wafer process technology solutions to specialty semiconductor and nanotechnology markets, has acquired Nano Etch Systems Inc. of California, a developer of ion beam etch (IBE) and ion beam deposition (IBD) systems.

Nano Etch Systems (NES) was founded in 2009. The company’s PinnacleTM IBE and IBD systems deliver best-in-class performance for ion beam etch and deposition needs. NES also produces ion beam source and MarathonTM grid upgrade solutions for existing systems from various manufacturers’ to cost- effectively improve performance and extend system life.

“We are pleased to incorporate NES’ outstanding technology into our product portfolio,” said Plasma CEO Abdul Lateef. “The superior performance of NES PinnacleTM systems, coupled with Plasma-Therm’s award-winning customer service, make a compelling value proposition for manufacturers in data storage, MEMS, wireless, and other markets.”

PinnacleTM systems use superior components and offer higher performance and lower cost of operation than competing systems. PinnacleTM IBD delivers 24 percent higher throughput than the industry average, and PinnacleTM IBE delivers up to 40 percent greater process efficiency than the industry average. MarathonTM grids used on PinnacleTM systems deliver better uniformity and longer life than competing designs, while the proprietary SwiftTM Motion Control of fixture tilt, rotation, and target indexing increases productivity.

Hari Hedge, Ph.D., founder of NES, said the innovative ion beam technology developed by NES will be marketed more effectively under the Plasma-Therm brand. “Plasma-Therm is known throughout the industry for quality and for partnering with customers to drive process improvements, and that is going to help ensure the success of the PinnacleTM platform,” he said.


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